Frequently Asked Questions about VIEW

How should I explain the questionnaire to people who are asked to complete it?

The simple answer is to tell the candidate the truth.  We are using the questionnaire to confirm their honesty and reliability for employment purposes.

Do I have to be present during the time the person answers the Questionnaire?

No, the applicant can be given the questionnaire and asked to fill it out at their leisure.

You mean, the candidate does not have to be supervised?

Yes, the questionnaire can be sent by mail or by fax, and returned the same way.

But if the person takes the questionnaire home he might consult a lawyer or another person, and then his answers wouldn't be his own answers ?

This is not a problem,  as long as the person "claims" that the answers are his own.  The SCAN technique has already been used to analyse affidavits in civil suits which were prepared with the help of lawyers.

What about a candidate who doesn't speak English?

Again, proficiency in English is not a serious impediment. Simple English is sufficient for use of the VIEW Questionnaire, it would be a little more difficult to analyse the answers, but still possible.  An analyst can conduct an analysis in any language he/she understands. The VIEW Questionnaire could be translated into the subject’s language, analyzed accordingly, and in that sense SCAN is cross-cultural. However it is difficult to imagine that this would be required for a candidate applying for a position in NZ where some fluency in English is generally a prerequisite for employment.

The View Questionnaire