Our Forensic Services

SCAN Consultancy

Whilst PVL is currently focused on offering pre-employment verification as a cost-effective good business practice;  we recognise that there are other situations in which a client may benefit from the assistance of a Forensic Language Investigation.  For example,  where the need arises to conduct an internal enquiry. 

Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) can be applied to affidavits, statements, letters and reports.  It does not require any knowledge of the person, the case, or the physical evidence.  SCAN uses only the person's own words, as given in their statement.  A SCAN analysis can be conducted independently of the investigation process and of the person from whom the information is sought.

To learn more and to assist you understand how SCAN is used to analyse statements we have included some of our case studies.

Recent assignments we have undertaken include analysing suicide notes and reconfirming the guilt of an imprisoned child rapist based on his original statement to the Police.

We work with documentary film-makers assisting them with advice on claims they are investigating.


VIEW Questionnaire

It may be that a SCAN VIEW Questionnaire is appropriate, especially if the enquiry involves several people.  It is not intrusive and people tend not to feel threatened when they sit down in a room and answer questions at their own pace.  As a result there is minimal resistance to filling out the questionnaire.

VIEW questionnaires are already available for use in the following specific cases:

Internal Theft



Information Leak

Industrial Espionage: 
- Non Specific
- Specific

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Harassment: 
- Suspect
- Victim


Drink Driving

Anonymous Letters

Threatening Phone Calls

Victim (General)



If you think a SCAN analysis might assist you in your investigation, please contact us.