The Integrity Enquiry

The purpose of this service is to assess the Candidate’s attitudes and behaviour with respect to honesty. The Critical Enquiry reports on historical records and therefore will only give an indication of a candidate’s possible behaviour, based on their known and recorded past. 

The Integrity Enquiry is considered to be a key element of any verification because its scope is much wider and a more comprehensive prediction of future behaviour is possible. 

Our Integrity Enquiry includes all the research offered in the Critical Enquiry:

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Conviction Record
  • Driver Licence Status (conditions & restrictions) / or authentication of NZ Passport (depends on which ID is supplied)
  • Employment History (last two employers)
  • Immigration Status (entitlement to work in NZ)
  • Financial Report
  • Unpaid Court fines, reparations & offender levies

Plus The Integrity Test

Our Integrity Test predicts an individual’s propensity towards inappropriate job behaviour in relation to the following constructs:

  • theft
  • bribery
  • gambling
  • substance abuse
  • loyalty
  • accountability

The questionnaire is a non-invasive computer generated test. It is fully automated and engages candidates in a series of predetermined questions. 

Responses are measured by means of progressive technology that detects attempts at distortion, impression management and other countermeasures. 

This test has a very high validity of 0.92 in comparative testing with polygraph examinations on each of the above constructs. You can administer this test in your own office and receive the results in less than a day.

The test takes 15-25 minutes to complete.

This Integrity Test is in use around the world with more than 12,000 administered every month for pre employment screening purposes. Only PVL can offer this test in New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In the event that the candidate is not available to undertake the test (i.e. living overseas or an out-of-town applicant) then we can send them a written questionnaire to complete. The answers provide us with an opportunity to subject the candidate’s language to Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)

To learn why our Integrity Test has recently become such an essential employment screening tool - Read here.


Integrity Test only

You can purchase the Integrity Test on its own.

The test saves you time by quickly screening out unsuitable candidates right from the start, before you even consider their application for employment.

If you later request either of our Integrity, Professional or Personal Enquiries for the applicant we will waive this fee and only invoice you for the specific screening package you request.

Many of our clients are using this test because of the delay in the Ministry of Justice processing criminal records checks (as much as a month).

If you can't afford to wait a month, this test will give you reassurance about your hiring decision, while we wait for the results of the criminal records check to be returned to us.


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