Critical Enquiry

The purpose of this service is to verify the candidate’s identity, identify any criminal history, and confirm their financial probity.  It is our most basic report and the first step in the verification process.

For this report we conduct a search of New Zealand Government records and commercial databases, and include the following disclosable information:

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Conviction Record
  • Driver Licence Status (conditions & restrictions) / or authentication of NZ Passport (depends on which ID is supplied)
  • Employment History (last two employers)
  • Immigration Status (entitlement to work in NZ)
  • Financial Report - adverse financial history that might have a bearing on the candidate’s suitability for employment, including defaults, collections, No Asset Procedure, judgments or bankruptcies. (A history of financial responsibility may be a good indicator of reliability and responsibility in other areas of life).
  • Unpaid court fines, reparations and offender levies.

This report is designed for entry level positions or those that do not require formal qualifications.  It is suitable in circumstances where the employee will be engaged in duties that involve regular day-to-day contact with the public and/or limited financial responsibility.

On its own, the value of this report is limited by its historical reference and it is rarely useful for overseas applicants or those who have only lived in New Zealand for a short time because these individuals are unlikely to feature significantly in New Zealand databases and records. 

For overseas applicants, PVL recommends the Professional Enquiry as it extends to offshore databases and public records.


Critical Enquiry

Integrity Enquiry

Professional Enquiry

Personal Enquiry