The Personal Enquiry

The purpose of this enquiry is to focus on the candidate’s character.  We are looking for specific and conclusive evidence of honesty,  integrity,  reliability and trustworthiness.

For this report we interview a minimum of two referees,  in person wherever possible.  It is our experience that useful meaningful information can rarely be acquired without personal face-to-face interviews.  However we recognise that each case has to be considered individually and there may be constraints,  such as cost and the accessibility of referees,  which mean compromises have to be made.  The more interviews we conduct the more extensive the investigation but we would not recommend more than four unless the earlier interviews brought to light an issue requiring further investigation.

Based on the results of the interviews,  we may recommend a personal interview and/or ask that the applicant complete a statement to be subjected to SCAN analysis.

In addition,  we search Government databases to see if the Candidate might have any conflicts of interest through their recorded involvement in other companies.

This enquiry is recommended for managerial, executive and board appointments, especially where the role carries fiscal responsibilities and legal liabilities.

The Professional enquiry report also includes all the employment screening enquiries listed in our Critical, Integrity and Professional enquiry services, i.e.

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Conviction Record
  • Driver Licence Status (conditions & restrictions)
  • Employment History (last two employers - anywhere in the world!)
  • Driver Licence Status (conditions & restrictions) / or authentication of NZ Passport (depends on which ID is supplied)
  • Financial Report
  • Unpaid Court fines, reparations & offender levies
  • PPSR Report
  • Educational qualifications verification - anywhere in the world!
  • Immigration Status (entitlement to work in NZ)
  • Professional registration enquiry
  • Professional disciplinary proceedings
  • Banned director or manager search in New Zealand
  • Search of international databases for criminal, corruption or fraud activity (170 million records)
  • Search of international media reports (15,000 newspapers and magazines)

And the Integrity Test for predicting propensity towards inappropriate job behaviour in relation to:

  • theft
  • bribery
  • gambling
  • substance abuse
  • loyalty
  • accountability


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Integrity Enquiry

Professional Enquiry

Personal Enquiry