The Professional Enquiry

The purpose of this service is to confirm the candidate’s educational qualifications and professional credentials,  to investigate any disciplinary proceedings that may have been heard or are pending and also to undertake a comprehensive search of international publicly available databases to verify the Candidate’s probity.

For this report,  in addition to ascertaining validity,  we pay particular attention to continuity,  as continuity,  or more precisely the lack of it,  can offer valuable clues as to other avenues of inquiry that may need to be pursued. 

  • We confirm the candidate’s educational qualifications;
  • We verify the candidate’s professional registrations;
  • We investigate any disciplinary proceedings instituted by a professional regulatory body that may have been heard,  or are pending;
  • We examine the records of the Insolvency and Trustee Service to confirm the candidate has not been banned in New Zealand from being a Manager or Director of a company.  If there has been a ban,  we investigate the circumstances which led to it and the duration of the prohibition.
  • We cross reference the candidate’s name with international databases, including law enforcement records, criminal records, records of violence, sex crimes, crimes of dishonesty, diploma mills and unaccredited universities (largest database in the world), database of employers willing to issue false documentation to employees, banned companies, global terrorist databases and US Government foreign asset control databases.
  • We also conduct a search of international media reports.  Sixty percent of the content in this database, which comprises more than 15,000 newspapers and magazine, is not available on the free web.

This enquiry is important for positions where tertiary qualifications are required,  it is particularly relevant for overseas applicants as investigations extend to foreign public records and databases,  and it is especially suited to positions in management.

The Professional enquiry report also includes all the employment screening enquiries listed in our Critical and Integrity enquiry services, i.e.

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Conviction Record
  • Driver Licence Status (conditions & restrictions) / or authentication of NZ Passport (depends on which ID is supplied)
  • Employment History (last two employers - anywhere in the world!)
  • Immigration Status (entitlement to work in NZ)
  • Financial Report
  • PPSR Report

And the Integrity Test for predicting propensity towards inappropriate job behaviour in relation to:

  • theft
  • bribery
  • gambling
  • substance abuse
  • loyalty
  • accountability

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Professional Enquiry

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