Additional Services

New Zealand Polygraph Lie Detector Testing

PVL's founder, Craig Gubbins, offers a full New Zealand polygraph examination service, including pre-employment, criminal, legal, marital/fidelity, civil litigation, fraud, family sexual abuse allegations and post-conviction sex offender testing.

He is a Certified Polygraph Examiner who attended the Missouri Law Enforcement Academy, a graduate of the United States National Polygraph Academy, and a member of the American Polygraph Association.

Craig is the only qualified polygraph examiner in the North Island of New Zealand.


Employee credit status monitoring

Full time monitoring for adverse change in the status of an employee’s financial position.

Reporting can also include any Directorship acquisitions or changes to avoid the potential for conflicts of interest to develop.


Employee Driver Licence status monitoring

We will advise you immediately, if an employee becomes disqualified from driving. Crucial for employees driving company vehicles.

The Police automatically seize any vehicle found to be driven by an unlicensed driver and impound it for 28 days regardless of who owns it. Significant towing and storage fees accrue during this period and are payable before the vehicle will be released.


Essential Due Diligence Reviews

Any employee assessment is like a photograph, it captures a position in time.  People’s circumstances change and they change in response to them. 

Ideally employment screening is an ongoing process and an employee’s honesty and integrity should be reviewed regularly. 

The reason for this is that almost all employee fraud in New Zealand is committed by longer-serving personnel, because they have learnt how to circumvent procedures.

On the anniversary of our original assessment of your employee we will contact you and offer to re-evaluate their circumstances. We will undertake the following checks for any changes since our previous report:

  • New Zealand Criminal Record
  • Personal Credit Report
  • Bankruptcy

Not convinced of the value of having a due diligence re-evaluation programme in place?

Read our news archive "Theft as a servant" for examples of New Zealand companies that did not have any re-evaluation policy in place to protect themselves from employee theft.

Or read our news archive "Employer Failure" for evidence of companies who did not undertake background checking of their staff, even before hiring them.


Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are extremely useful in determining whether a company’s Human Resources strategy is functioning as intended. 

By interviewing departing staff we are able to offer our clients an independent service which provides them with an unbiased report and determines, so far as it is possible,  why an employee has decided to leave the company. 

These interviews are carried out in person and in a structured way.  It is our experience that departing employees are more interested in talking and being heard, than filling out forms or questionnaires, so we do not undertake these interviews over the telephone, or via a questionnaire, or use on-line software programmes.

The timing of a meaningful exit interview is also important, the last day of employment is not appropriate, but neither is it helpful to interview a person weeks after they have left the company. 

Once engaged to conduct an exit interview we arrange to meet the employee at a time close to their departure, and somewhere other than their office, in surroundings conducive to eliciting honest responses. 

We then submit a comprehensive report that accurately reflects the departing employee’s opinions and feelings as to their time spent in the company, and their reasons for leaving.


Psychometric Testing

Psychological, aptitude and ability testing are important tools when considering who to recruit, train or promote.

We highly recommend AssessSystems Ltd, New Zealand's leading industrial and organisational psychologists.