New Zealand's only full-time independent Background Screening company

PVL is New Zealand’s most qualified employment background screening company for:

  • Background checks
  • Pre employment screening
  • Criminal checks (we offer a turnaround time of three working days for NZ criminal checks)
  • Verification of qualifications
  • Forensic analysis of CV's for deception
  • Full international service available
  • Free advice and constant support
  • Also, we offer a confidential New Zealand polygraph examination service (all issues - legal, criminal, marital/fidelity, civil litigation, fraud, pre-employment screening, family sexual abuse allegations and post-conviction sex offender testing). All examinations conducted by PVL's Principal, Craig Gubbins B.A (Psyc), a Certified Polygraph Examiner, located in Auckland.
  • One-stop, multiple European criminal record checks for PVL clients. If you have a candidate who has lived in Europe (including the UK) we can undertake multiple criminal record checks in each European country they have lived in for longer than six months - all for just one price.



Hiring honest employees is the only way to create wealth for your company, and protect your business reputation.

How do you employ trustworthy, reliable staff with integrity? You can rely on your instincts.

Or you can have us professionally verify your job applicants CV and background to establish they are who they say they are, and have the qualifications they claim to have.

Our expertise will eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with trying to figure out if a CV is genuine, and whether a job applicant’s background history or integrity fit with your company’s values.

You can place your trust in PVL. Our founder has been continuously involved in background screening in New Zealand for more than 25 years.

Call anytime for customer references - and we will put you in touch with existing clients. Speak directly with our satisfied customers about the outstanding reports and assessments we prepare, and the time and money we save them by ensuring they only hire honest, trustworthy employees.

Only has the experience and confidence to provide you with a written assessment of the information collected about your candidate. Unlike other providers, if we believe a candidate is unsuitable for appointment, we will tell you, in writing, and why.

In the more than 16 years we have been operating no candidate fully screened and cleared by PVL has ever subsequently defrauded or stolen from their employer; or found to have lied on their CV; or been dismissed for misconduct. Screening by PVL is the best insurance you can have about who you are hiring.

We pride ourselves on our 100% success rate in accurately assessing the honesty, suitability and trustworthiness of your applicants for employment, from school-leaver, to CEO, to Chairman of the Board. If we have verified their backgrounds, you can trust them.

Contact us today for a sample report and compare it to that of any other background screening provider.



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Our Guarantee

We are so confident about the value of our reports and assessments as part of your "due diligence" recruitment policy programme, that if you are unsatisfied in any way, then we do not charge for our services.

We are the only New Zealand-owned and operated background screening company in central Auckland (all others are foreign-owned) .

The average turnaround time for a complete PVL New Zealand background screening report is 4-7 working days (of course, allow addittional time for overseas enquires).



What We Can Offer You

From a traditional background check to online integrity tests or specialised forensic analysis of your job applicant's CV's, our products and services are the most comprehensive available in New Zealand, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any company.

You can pick and choose which enquires you want us to undertake - pay only for the actual checks you request.

Or select from one of our popular screening packages for a complete 360 degree assessment of your job applicants.

In addition to being a one-stop solution for your employee screening needs, PVL has the following essential points of difference:

  • You receive a comprehensive written report and assessment of the relevance of all information collected so you can make an informed decision about whether to hire the candidate. No other screening company in New Zealand offers this level of expertise and commitment to your company.
  • You have access to our 20-minute online Integrity Test, a non-invasive, interactive, computer-based test that accurately predicts the predisposition of a candidate towards counter-productive behaviour, including theft, substance abuse, gambling, bribery; and whether they will be an accountable and loyal employee. No other screening provider offers this service.
  • If you do hire the candidate we are always available to assist with issues or concerns that might arise regarding their honesty and integrity. It is essential to periodically re-evaluate your staff as almost all employee fraud is committed by longer-serving personnel. See our “Due Diligence” programme for details of the ongoing services we provide, that will protect you even further.
  • PVL is the only New Zealand member of the internationally recognised Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), with over 900 member companies worldwide. Our membership gives you immediate access to a global network of in-country specialists. No other New Zealand background screening providor can offer this.
  • Recruit from overseas with confidence!  We can facilitate the essential foreign background checks you require with one of our trusted overseas partners – native speakers, working in local time-zones, who are familiar with the laws and privacy regulations of their country.
  • We repeatedly undertake criminal records checks in England, the USA, Australia and India; we frequently verify degrees in France, Germany and Asia; and regularly confirm past employment in Canada, Ireland and the Middle East - all this to ensure the safety of your business.
  • For your Chinese job applicants we can verify the authenticity of Chinese educational qualifications directly with the PRC Ministry of Education.
  • For law enforcement and intelligence positions we offer pre-employment polygraph screening to the same standard as that used by US Federal and State agencies.


Our Services

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Top 3 Employment Screening Packages

Critical Enquiry

•  NZ Criminal Record
•  Employment History - last two NZ employers
•  NZ Financial Report  
•  Bankruptcy  
•  Court Judgments 
•  “No Asset Procedure” application 

•  Debt Repayment Order 
•  Debt Collections  
•  Loan Defaults  

•  Unpaid Court fines & reparations
•  Driving Conviction Record  
•  Driver Licence Status – conditions & restrictions
•  Right to work in NZ 
•  Plus PVL evaluation & written assessment

Online Integrity Test

Measures propensity for
•  Theft  
•  Substance abuse 
•  Gambling  
•  Bribery

and if the job applicant will be

•  Loyal  
•  Accountable

Integrity Enquiry

includes both the on-line Integrity Test and all the Critical Enquiry work


Professional background screening in New Zealand has never been more affordable. 

With PVL, there are no setup fees, no minimums, and no contracts to sign. We offer the most competitive pricing regardless of your company's size or volume.

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Call or E-mail us with your questions, or to learn more about how our background screening services can help your organisation.